16/04 – Video Blogs and Review

Here are the video blogs for this week’s testing, building and development.


I was very pleased with the progress both Syl and I had made with this week’s development. Syl had a big push and made a lot of headway with all the player and NPC animations needed for the game which will soon be put into the game scenes. On my end, I got essential testing and feedback on gameplay so I was able to step back and review the current scenes I have and realise where I had to change them and make them better. There is still a lot to be done for gameplay but it’s in the right direction for it to be inviting and fun. The logic and scripting for the inventory system is done which I had been putting off for some time now. But, now with this done I can focus more on testing the actual gameplay rather than the features in the game. This week the game has become a lot smoother and is moving further towards a final product. On reflection for the week, I could have got more testing done for the latter levels that are currently in development and worked some more on music as this is another area I have been putting off a bit. More exciting content to come next week.



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