I’m back! – Video Blog and Review

Below is a video blog of the past couple weeks of work and some review of how my work is going so far:


I would be lying if I say these past few weeks have been a struggle. Since the last blog, I had put a lot of time into working on the game and fixing bugs that had been nagging me for weeks. I had very little break times and was spending more than 8 hours a day easily either in the studio or at the library working on development. Then came a Friday tutorial that acted as a testing day and the gameplay for Isiko got ripped apart essentially and left me feeling completely uninterested in finishing the game. First breakdown of the year as it goes. But, I had the weekend off and came back with a better outlook on the project. I started with smoothing out the gameplay and working on the major flaws, which since then have come along really well and there isn’t a lot more for me to sort in terms of gameplay. It will just now consist of UI, Music/Sound effects and their implementation and building the game in once piece. There is a lot still to do but I’m confident now we’ll be able to get it done in time and to a great standard.

Next steps

As of writing this, there’s just under two weeks left till hand in, so I need to spread my work load efficiently so we can get this done. Monday and Tuesday of next week I will be having long test sessions. This will be for understanding of the gameplay so we can find out if we need to change any of it throughout, testing the enjoyability of the game to see if we can improve it at any point. I also need to redesign the last level we have built and test the meaningful choice which will be included. The rest of the week will be working on any amendments that we need. I will hopefully too have the music done by then so I will ask the testers about that too and how they think it should feature in the game. By the end of next week I hope to have the gameplay full functional, both character controller and puzzles included by the end of next week so I can then spend the last few days ensuring the levels are built fully so they don’t break. There will be some sleepless nights I’m sure but I’m up for the challenge.


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