Final Week Video Blog and Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis

Now coming to the end of this semester I realise how I should have done a lot of things differently and I am very disheartened with the final outcomes. I’m willing to admit that I did a lot of things wrong and feel it necessary to reflect on those. However though, I will start on the areas which I believed I did right.

The first area of recognition was teamwork. I chose to work in a team with Syl as we had done so the previous year and that partial teamwork had worked well. In the early stages, we worked efficiently in flushing out a fully fledged idea from her previous semester’s work and combining our skills in critical thinking, idea generation and concept art to enhance the idea to something more than just your average 2D-platformer. I was very proud that I was able to hop on someone else’s idea in a short space of time and generate more than enough ideas.

One of my semester’s goals was to learn the practice, then make the music score for the game. I had no previous musical experience and there is a lot to consider when producing musically electronically. I do have to give credit to a friend who helped me set up Logic Pro X and showed me the basics on using software instruments and samples. But, the bulk of the tracks I produced on my own with the same friend then helping me finish and master them. I was extremely happy with how the music sounded and it followed a style is necessary when composing music for a game or another piece of media. I feel that I have gained a valuable skill and it is something that I enjoy a lot and will continue to do past university life.

Having come from absolutely no programming experience before the end of my second year I can say I made progress in my overall knowledge of scripting for unity and the engine. I learnt more about physics and character controllers and at times during the semester found myself lending a hand to others using Unity which also helped me expand my knowledge. Despite the semester not turning out the way I wanted, I feel that I have a good enough knowledge of Unity and scripting so that I can produce games and experiences on my own in my spare time to expand my portfolio for the eventuality of finding an job in the creative industries.

Now to the faults. Testing was the biggest issue I had this semester. I did some testing near the start but didn’t let enough people play it and exploit the bugs of gameplay until eventually I felt it was too late and didn’t want people to do so. I got very wrapped in trying to put together all that what we wanted to do, implement the artwork Syl had created and show the range of skills I had acquired over the semester. I felt at a lot of times I didn’t want people to play it as I became very uninterested in making it after at many points wishing I had worked on my own project. I made a similar game to last year and I seriously felt like history was repeating itself so I debated with myself on why I chose to do this game and not something different and that I wanted to make.The choice was selfless and in the beginning was beneficial to us both but very quickly turned sour for me.

Looking back it seems I had a problem with admitting failure. A lot of the others were open about their hardships and errors and a lot of the time found help for when things weren’t going their way. However, I was not the same. As I was one with the most coding knowledge I felt like a lot of people expected more from me and I let that get in the way of creating a fun, interesting game where gameplay and not visuals were the focus. A lot of the time the game was broken and I didn’t want to admit it and I told myself to ‘do it later’ but as tasks and stress were piling up I lost sight of the goals we started with and how to reach them. I feel that I put a lot of hours into this semester with little payout which is the most disheartening aspect. I felt that I have let Syl down as I was the one who agreed to produce the game with her. But, I see life as one big learning curve and despite the fact that I made many mistakes and it hasn’t gone as planned, I did all I can and I know what mistakes not to make when making games in the future.


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