Design meeting (1)

After working on the game for some weeks now, some of the aspects from Syl’s initial design I didn’t think would work for our project. So, we had a small meeting between the two of us so to talk through some ideas we both have.


Above is the notes we had from our brainstorm. They were a lot to do with the building and layout of the game on my side and I will talk through all the ideas and how they will impact the game.

  • Creating a camera zoom / This will allow the player to view the whole game scene when they enter it. They can then use a button to zoom in and out so they can see it all again during the play-through. This will help them visualise the puzzle if they get stuck at any point.
  • Custom points / These will be there to indicate where the customs can be placed down. There will possibly be particle effects to show these areas.
  • Pre-Game Scenes / This will be of a similar style to Cuphead. Isiko can pick up the rock and customs in a pre-game scene then move off into the game. This will allow me to create separate scenes and will allow the game to work smoother than one long game scene.
  • Chapters / The pre-game scene will introduce story of the game, narrated over by the shaman. The Shaman’s narration will also feature as hints in the game scenes if the player can’t figure out what to do after a certain amount of time.